Nine-Module Quantum 315 CCD X-ray Detector

ADSC Quantum 315 CCD Detector

The core of the ADSC CCD detectors is a 1x1 inch semiconductor chip module with 1150x1150 pixels resolution. Four or nine modules are combined to form a 2x2 or 3x3 array. An imaging phosphor faceplate emits photons when hit by X-rays. The photons are collected through an optical taper and detected on the CCD array. Readout times are extremely fast, and due to the high resolution the detector can be moved close to the crystal, which enables very simple data collection strategies comparable to image plates. The big advantage compared to IPs is the absence of any mechanical parts in the detector box. Most common on synchrotrons are 9-module Quantum detectors made by from ADSC.


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