Multiwire Area Detector System

ADSC dual multiwire system (1980's to 1995)

Proportional wire detectors have been used for several decades in high energy physics. They are well developed and reliable instruments. A grid of perpendicular anode and cathode wires (288x144) forms a 41472 pixel array with a pixel size of 1x2 mm. Xenon is used as counter gas and the chamber covered by a large Beryllium window. The 2 detecors are located 50-150 cm from the crystal, which requires the use of helium boxes. The readout electronics are based on time delay circuitry and work extremely reliable. Our instrument is running essentially 24 hrs/day without any unscheduled downtime since 4 years. The long beam tunnels are helium flushed.

X-ray diffractometer equipped with ADSC dual multiwire area detectors, a 4-circle Huber Goniometer, Rigaku Ru-200 anode and a modified Siemens LT-2 cryo-cooler.

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