Crystallography, Drug Discovery, and Crystallization Workshops

Wondering how to get your students, employees or coworkers up to speed in crystallography and structure based drug discovery? Or are you an experienced bimedical researcher wanting to learn more about structure based experimental and virtual drug discovery methods ?

We provide professional crystallography training courses and workshops ranging from small molecule diffraction to high throughput protein drug target crystallography and virtual ligand screening, covering essentials from fundamentals to cutting edge technology training.

Training courses can be conducted at your site, and range from single-day, multi-media and PowerPoint based  introductions to multi-day practical crystallization courses, up to full two-week lecture courses for academic settings and Universities. Specialty lectures by instrument manufactures and providers are easily included. The lectures are supplemented by interactive exercises from our acclaimed Crystallography 101 web course and discount vouchers or a copy of my textbook Biomolecular Crystallography: Principles, Practice, and Applications to Structural Biology are provided. Crystallization courses include supplies for  students, including everything needed to grow protein crystals. Participants can download course materials about 2 weeks before the courses commence.


Workshop fees now include discount vouchers or a copy of my textbook 


Released on October 25, 2009

Ever despaired as a practicing structural biologist turned crystallographer about texts that were either too technical, not technical enough, or did not have any relevance to how things are done in practice? Here is the solution: A text written by a an experienced academic teacher with ample of routine in the grunt work of structure determination and analysis. Many applications and examples ranging from fundamental biochemical questions to structure based drug discovery.

The book follows the recommended curriculum established by the US National Academies Committee for Crystallography - BR is a panel member of this committee.

USNCCr/ACA whitepaper on crystallographic education here.



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We would be happy to plan your next crystallography workshop. Linux powered ACER brand laptops with preinstalled CCP4 crystallography software are also available from us. Please contact us for detailed information and a quote.