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MagiXstickTM - the ultimate electro-magnetic pin holder

Ever despaired when rearraying crystal harvesting pins and the pins stuck together when using a simple permanent magnet stick? Repetitive motion injury from ejecting the pins with your thumb? Lack of precise control with the permanent magnet holder?

You need MagiXstick.

Developed for in-house use at q.e.d. labs, MagiXstickTM (patent pending) is an electromagnetic pin holder with footswitch control that allows precise and reliable manipulation of magnetic protein crystal harvesting pins. Much more controllable than a permanent magnet, MagiXstickTM allows you to exchange and rearray pins, harvest crystals, and place pins in precise fashion in any liquid nitrogen storage pucks. We use the same magnetic pin holders in our crystal harvesting robots. A must-have just for re-arraying pins by size, shape, etc.

The MagiXstickTM:

  • The MagiXstick itself: The stick harbors a specially designed and machined electromagnet which is powered so that it safely holds the pins while it can be even continuously powered without significant heating. The magnet fits all commonly used soft-magentic mounting pin bases.

  • The control box: Powered by a simple AC/DC wall converter, the control box supplies the magnet with stabilized voltage and sends specific modulation signals for proper pin pickup/release counteracting magnetic remanence of the pin base. Do not unplug/plug the stick or the control box from/to the audio cable when the control box is powered.   

  • Use of the MagiXstick: Make sure the control box is unpowered and disconnected from the AC/DC wall adapter (power supply). Connect the stick to the box with the 6 ft mono audio cable. THEN connect the control box to the power supply. A green light illuminates when the box is powered. You can keep the stick and the box connected at all times, there is no need to disassemble the components after use.

  • Place the box under the table. The green light should be on. If you step (not stomp) on the red button, a red light comes on, and the magent is energized. Stepping on the black button sends the release signal and turns the magnet and the red light off. Should the red light be illuminated right away, push the black button first. Self-adhesive super-sticky rubber pads are attached to the bottom of the box. You can customize the box position and try to place various rests for your heel such as a brick or woodblock in front of the box to make the footswitch operation optimally convenient for you.    

  • Harvest and mount as usual. Place the stick into the depression of a mounting pin. The magnet should be perpendicular to the pin base for proper pick-up. Step on the red button, harvest and/or manipulate as desired. Place the pin into a LN2-submerged puck as usual. Step on the black button to release the pin. Very easy. Like any scientific instrument, please keep the MagiXstickTM clean and dry and blot any mositure/condensation off prior to extended storage.

  • Watch the MagiXstick video on YouTube. Download ipod version.


Ordering options:

Easiest way to order: For US orders, from my web store using secure PayPal checkout (accepts also credit cards).
International orders: RoHS compliant model available - please inquire.
California orders will be charged 9.75% sales tax, otherwise  tax exemption code must be provided.
Purchase orders: Please click here for quote by email. Please provide complete billing address in that case.
Visit the web store:

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Contents of package: (1) MagiXstick, (2) Control box, (3) 6 ft cable, (4) AC/DC power adapter (110 V in USA)


There are no user serviceable components in this practically indestructible instrument. Each MagiXstickTM is calibarated and tested for quality assurance. If something breaks, its is probably because you did not follow the instructions. Please read the instructions, all of them, in the right sequence. Disclaimer: Absolutely NO responsibility for any damages, consequentially, incidentally, or otherwise caused by the use of this product. Warranty limited to product replacement. Not for children under the age of 3.

  • Warranty: 30 days full replacement and return warranty. If a component breaks, you have probably dropped it, stepped on it, or thrown it at somebody, all of which voids the warranty. Design changes as a consequence of product improvment are possible. Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

  • Absolutely guaranteed to break it (I): Never ever unplug/plug the stick or the control box from/into the audio cable while the stick is powered. Doning so can destroy the electronics. ALWAYS disconnect the power supply before connecting or disconnecting the MagiXstick to/from the control box. I really mean it. You will need to ship a fried box back for board replacement.

  • Absolutely guaranteed to break it (II): Competely submerging the stick in LN2 and then dropping it onto a hard floor or desk. Ditto, submerging or exposing the control box to LN2, water, buffer, solvents etc. 

  • Absolutely guaranteed to break it (eventually): Keep the MagiXstick dry between uses. Blot any condensation or moisture off prior to storage, or the magnet might over time corrode. We sell replacement sticks. Don't stomp on the box. Light touch suffices.

The MagiXstickTM is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. by immigrant labor and distributed exclusively by q.e.d. life science discoveries. Designed by Bernhard Rupp. Please contact Art Robbins directly for pricing and quotes of the CrysCam systems.


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