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Here you can find our latest papers of psilocybe enzyme structures and biochemical characterization

Characterization of the Gateway Decarboxylase for Psilocybin Biosynthesis

Tim Schäfer, Kristina Kramer, Dr. Sebastiaan Werten, Dr. Bernhard Rupp, Prof. Dr. Dirk Hoffmeister

First published: 03 November 2022

How the magic begins: The l-tryptophan decarboxylase PsiD initiates the biosynthesis of the psychotropic natural product psilocybin in Psilocybe mushrooms. Its in vitro biochemical characterization and in silico modeling of its structure identified a non-canonical serine protease triad for autocatalytic cleavage of the proenzyme. PsiD’s substrate flexibility makes it a versatile catalyst for biotechnological applications.